Customised Jewellery

We realise how precious and sentimental jewellery can be. It could be a wedding treasure, an heirloom to pass on for generations, an investment to keep for years, a surprise for a special proposal, a souvenir to mark a milestone or just your love for accessorising in the best possible jewellery.

If you are looking for something bespoke, different and personalised - you’re at the right place.


Latique respects heritage and values art; hence, our jewellery is handcrafted by skilled Indian craftsmen who pay attention to meticulous and intricate detail and create jewellery that leaves everyone awestruck.

We believe in creating value for our customers. This time, we do so by offering to add the same to our products. Latique can customize your jewellery as per your taste; whether it’s the size, gemstone, adding symbols or names to the pieces you wish to memorialise. A personalisation will only make your jewellery more majestic that it already is.