Born in New Delhi, India, to a Printing   Expert/Banker and a House-wife, Latika
 Khanna was one of four sisters, two elder   sisters and one younger. She was
 always a bright student and had a flair for   enterprise since an early age. She
 started Indian Classical singing at age 9   and continued for many years. Also was
 a Kathak dancer from the ‘Lucknow   Gharana’. Being an all-rounder she played
 basketball and had a stark interest in gymnastics and athletics. She graduated from Queen Mary’s School as prefect and sports captain.

After her schooling she went to study English Hons. from Hindu College, Delhi
University. Post which she worked at British Airways. Having started her career
in an airline, she found a love for travel and exploring the world. In year 1992
she started Latique Designs. A company which curated, exhibited and exported
jewelry. The United States of America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Quwait,
Thailand, Germany and The United Kingdom were the countries of trade.

Her journey is as spiritual as it is entrepreneurial, she practices meditation and
is a yoga fanatic. She keeps up with her health and is on a tangent of self-
growth. With an evergreen flame and hunger to learn, she is bent towards the
latest studies regarding the expansion of the mind and such sciences.
Regimented would be an underestimation define her life, her core value of
discipline radiates from her personal to her professional life. She is also a
family woman. She is married to Sandeep Khanna, an interior designer. Also
has two children Ishan and Ananya. From her personal life we see a peek of
what created the brand and the exuberating superwoman that is Latika Khanna.

She embodies the ethos of Latique. But what does personify Latika Khanna? As
a designer first, is the integrity of design application. All her inspiration is
organic to the manifesto of her brand. Highly inspired by nature and
spirituality, even her brand logo/symbol is a lotus. A Lotus means many things,
but her primary insight into the idea of a lotus was the integrity it holds to it’s
ecosystem. The nature around a lotus may be digressive, but it still beams its
beauty. That’s what Latique jewelry is aimed to do, more importantly, that is
Latika Khanna’s vision for Latique as head designer. To create a product ,to
manifest such an ornament, that does what a lotus would do in it’s given ecosystem.

She is known to be extremely particular about her designs and also in her life.
To the point that she may not move into profitable situations, unless tasks are completed to exaction. It is to her strength as a designer, for she will not leave
‘any stone unturned’. Her eye for precision and the especial is what makes
Latique’s jewelry what it is. She will go to any lengths to complete the design process to the particular way it is supposed to be done.

The design inception is another key area where her mind makes all the
difference. Her inspirations range from the ‘art nouveau’ to the ‘forts in
jodhpur’. She brings to the table as a design head a different creative spark,
which kindles the team at Latique to create the designs they create. Her off-
beat approach to the design process where she introduces the materials half-
way, to get a feel of the end result, creates a more special manifestation altogether.

 Latique caters to the ‘evergreen power       woman’ and no one knows that better
 than Latika Khanna. Being the dynamic   personality that she is, there is a certain
 level of empathy with her potential   customers. This makes her as a designer   so much more special. For she is in the   shoes of who she is catering to, hence she
 will create accordingly.
 Latika believes that beauty comes from   within and you don’t need anything to be more beautiful. She believes you need Latique as a symbol of your accomplishment and blessing.