Lito Brooch

Lito Brooch

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Literally, the star of the show and is sure to make you one too. Yellow topaz and brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18 kt white gold so you wear the shine and illuminate the room.

Product Details

  • 18kt Gold
  • Brilliant-cut Diamonds
  • Yellow Topaz


Once a sign of luxury and now the third most important tropical fruit in world production. The pineapples have their place with many drinks and delicacies. They are one-of-a-kind shrubs that produce only one fruit in their lifetime. The products inspired by the fruit also have some similarities. Foremost, a sign of luxury with topaz and diamonds incorporated in them. Once you will own them, it won’t be a matter of time that these become essentials in your wardrobe. From brunches to drinks with the girls, they will be appropriate for all occasions. And who doesn’t want to stand out, so each product is made uniquely for you?