Jolie Earrings

Jolie Earrings

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Keep your head high as you enter the room full of people cause it’s sure to have pretty long glances at this pair of earrings.

Product Details :

  • 9kt Gold
  • Brilliant-cut Diamonds
  • Ametrine
  • Amethyst
  • Blue Topaz


Good personal boundaries protect you. Life may feel scary and anxious without good personal boundaries.  To celebrate the importance of boundaries and limitations in our lives, Latique designed a collection that is inspired by the different geometric shapes present around us. The collection comprises of different jewelry pieces which are made of different colored stones and black enamel. These jewellery pieces are designed in such a meticulous way that the stone represents one’s choices, needs, feelings and thoughts in life and the black enamel plays a role of boundaries that are really needed in life.